Treatment of Dyslexia - Coloured tinted glasses

Migraine and Dyslexia may respond to tinted prescription coloured lenses

Coloured lenses have been shown to benefit those with dyslexia, headaches, migraine, and photosensitive epilepsy.

We can supply you with your personally optimised coloured prescription lenses. Our practice is situated in the centre of Loughton in  South East Essex.

Meares-Irlen Syndrome Video 1 - (Videos 2 and 3 Below)

Video 2



Video 3

Kara Tointon's story 2. We are surrounded by words where ever we go. It can be overwhelming for people with this life-long condition. Dyslexia can affect the way affected people cope with daily life.
In this video, tests are done to see how Kara copes with all the information that comes to her.
She has difficulty holding on to information in the short-term. It is a common problem that dyslexics have to live with. This means she has a tendancy to be disorganised as she forgets things too easily.
Kara realises that her dyslexia explains her 'scatiness'. These are characteristics of dyslexia.
Kara Tointon's story 3. Kara begins to realise that it takes her far longer to learn her lines than it should. She is going to learn how her brain function is affected by being dyslexic. Her brain has to work harder when she tries to read than it should. Her memory and reading are significantly slow.
Can dyslexia be cured? Sadly, dyslexia cannot be cured special tuition can help. Example techniques are shown that assist her living with dyslexia.

Tom's story 2. By chance Tom's mother was able to book an assessment of him.  The adviser suggested that Tom had Meares-Irlen Syndrome. A referral was made to Professor Bruce Evans.
Visual stress is a collection of a group of certain symptoms common to people with reading and spelling problems. Typically they experience distortion with letters on the page jumping around the page. Often there is eye strain and headaches.
Visual stress has been treated with tinted glasses from the 1980s. The intuitive colorimeter has provided accuracy. Each individual requires a precise shade to be completely effective in dampening down over active brain cells.
Tom explains how he was amazed at the effect of his coloured tinted glasses.
Tom's story 3. Ed Balls MP discusses visual stress planned to train 4,000 teachers in dyslexia awareness. A psychologist discusses the impact of dyslexia in a child as it affects the family.
Tom achieved a remarkable 10 GSEs including a C in English. He is aiming for a university place.
With his visual stress recognised and treated by prescription coloured tinted glasses he can look forward to a promising future.